AUSTRALIAN COIN FLIGHT MAGIC TRICK (Australian 10 cent version)

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“Magic… So easy it happens in your hands!”

Coin Flight is manufactured of the highest quality brass and machined to perfection. So easy, you can perform it just minutes after you receive this masterpiece of close-up apparatus. A brass coin box is presented lying on a cloth bag. In the center of the coin box is a hole you can visibly see through. Four [4] 10c coins, which may be borrowed, are introduced and placed one at a time into the coin box. A chop cup, coffee mug or paper cup is then introduced. The cup is placed mouth down over the coin box. The bag is then shown to be empty. Without hesitation, the cup is tipped forward and the box visibly containing the coins is removed and placed into the bag. Immediately, the cup is lifted and there sitting in all their glory are 4 coins. The empty coin box is then removed from the bag.

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