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5c Coin Thru Brass Box mini

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Another great coin magic miracle from Quick Pick Magic!

  You show three 5c Coins & a small brass box and lid in full view of the Audience. You place the three 5c coins in the box & put the lid firmly on the box.

You ask a spectator to put out their hand and you hold the brass box over it. The brass box is tapped firmly on the lid and amazingly one of the 5c coin PENETRATES RIGHT THROUGH THE BASE OF THE BOX, drops into the hand of the spectator.

The lid is then removed and the two remaining 5c coins are tipped off.

Everything can now be examined.

Sounds impossible but its accomplished very easily with the special box and gimmick coin provided. All you have to add to the set is 2 regular 5c coins.


This trick requires no skills! A self working trick and no sleight of hand!


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