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$1-10c Australian Dollar Coin Unique Magic Trick / Magnetic AUD Scotch and Soda

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This is the up to date version of the classic Coin Unique trick fitted with a rare earth magnet, made with the greatest precision for smooth and confident working.   EFFECTS:    Many tricks are possible with this improved version.    Glass Vanish: Place a $1 coin and a 10 cent coin on a table. Cover both coins with a glass tumbler, the $1 overlaps the 10c. Give the glass a swirl and the 10c coin disappears (the gimmicked 10c coin sticks inside the magnetic $1 shell). Basic Hand Vanish: Place a 10 cent coin and a $1 coin in the center of your palm. Slowly close your hand enclosing the two coins. With your hand held away from body and with sleeves rolled up, slowly reopens your hand revealing to everyone’s astonishment, one of the coins has Vanished! Which can be later discovered from your pocket. For this trick you have to keep an additional 10 cent coin in your pocket before performing the trick.   Match Box Penetration: Handover an empty matchbox to your spectator with a dollar coin and a 10c coin on the top. You place your fingers over both coins to pick them up but as you do, one coin penetrates the box and is found inside the box by the spectator. You have only one coin in your hand and the spectator can open the box and empty the coin out. Everything can be examined after the the trick is performed. NO BANG RING!  
This expert crafted set will make someone who has never performed a magic trick before, looks like a sleight-of-hand professional in seconds.
Absolutely no palming - no stealing - no practice - the coins do all the work and you get all the credit! The coins can even be examined.
Precision made set of coins enables the 10c coin to nest inside the $1 coin. With this version the 10c coin can be made to vanish in the specator's hands. It's a quality magic item made from 
genuine coins.
We Manufacture these professional quality products precisely and you can buy them with confidence.
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