CROOK LOCK – Mentalism Magic Trick [with 5 keys] – Close up Magic


CROOK LOCK – Mentalism Magic Trick
A large bill is secured in the plastic frame and a padlock is snapped shut through the frame. Five keys are shown to the spectators. It is demonstrated that only one of the keys will open the lock.
The keys are mixed up in a bag. Four volunteers are given a free choice of key leaving one left for the magi. They are told that if their key opens the lock and releases the money it will be theirs to keep.
Before each volunteer is asked to try his or her key, they are asked if they would like to trade it for the key that the magi is holding. Each person in turn tries their key, unfortunately none of the keys work the lock. The only key left is for the magi, which happens to open the lock. The magi therefore retains the cash.
Very High Quality Acrylic Frame!
High Precission Made Padlock!
Bill Clearly Visible!
Bills or Checks!
Five Keys!
Perform for 3 to 4 Spectators!
Excellent for Mentalism,Close Up,Parlour or Stage Magic Shows!

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