Coin Unique Euro / UK Magic Trick
20 cent Euro / 1 penny
This is the World’s Greatest No-Skill Coin Trick!
No magnets
This expert crafted set will make someone who has never performed a magic trick before, looks like a sleight-of-hand professional in seconds.
Absolutely no palming – no stealing – no magnets – the coins do all the work and you get all the credit! The coins can even be examined.
Precision made set of coins enables the 1 penny to nest inside the 20 cent euro. Tapered machine insert for a snug fit. It’s a quality magic item made from
genuine coins.
Effect 1: The magician shows a 1 pence uk and a 20 cent euro coin in the left hand. He closes both hands and when he opens the left only the 20 cent coin can be found because the 1 pence has appeared in the right hand!
Effect 2: The magician shows a 1 pence uk and a 20 cent euro coin and places them in the spectator’s hand. The magician then asks the spectator to put their hands behind their back and pass a coin without looking. Then he asks the spectator to open the hand with the 1 pence coin and amazingly, the spectator opens his hand only to find a 5 penny! The 1 penny has transformed to a 5 penny!!
Effect 3: The magician shows a 1 pence uk and a 20 cent euro coin, and places them on a pad or tablecloth. He then waves his hand over them for a second and uncovers them only to find one coin! When he lifts the pad/tablecloth, the 1 pence coin is revealed from underneath!!
We Manufacture these professional quality products precisely and you can buy them with confidence.
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