Mind Bending Nail
Effect: A hard straight steel nail and rubber tube are displayed. The nail is placed in the tube and slowly begins to bend. The nail and tube are then straightened out. No switches! No sleight of hand! Almost no practice required. The gimmick is undetectable! A superior trick that even fools magicians!
Secret: The nail is actually two pieces that screw together with a left handed (reverse) thread. Make certain that the two pieces of the nail are screwed together, not exposing the groove. Be sure to keep your gimmicked nail clean and free of debris.
Performance: To begin the performance, show the nail. Place the nail in the rubber tube with the nail head sticking out on one end and the nail point sticking out on the other end. Give the nail a little twist to take it apart. With both pieces apart in the tube, slowly bend the tube more and more. Bend the tube back and forth. Be sure to keep a hand on each end of the nail at all times. Straighten out the tube. Push the two pieces of the nail together and give it a hard twist that corresponds with the threads. After a few tries you will get used to the left-handed threading. The two pieces are designed to fit tightly. So use a little force. Finally, pull the nail out to show it’s a hard solid spike! With a little practice, without ever letting the spectator realize, one can do all the twisting/screwing required by this trick. Try moving your hands up and down slightly while talking. Also moving your hands towards and away from your body will help disguise the twisting/screwing motion. Working in front of a mirror will give you a good idea of what your audience will see.
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