Super Sight [Mental Magic] – Mind Reading Close up Magic – Mental Prediction Magic Trick

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Effect: Performer reveals five different colored disks. The performer turns his back to the spectator and ask to pick one of the disks and put in his or her pocket. Next, the spectator is to place the other four disks into a little brass container and seal on the lid. Now, there is absolutely no way that anyone can see into the sealed bag or brass canister. Turning finally to face the spectator, performer remark that he has the power of “Super Sight.” He picks up the canister, making sure the lid is on firmly, and drop it into the hand of the spectator. Placing the canister on the counter, performer stares at his pocket as though hi is looking right through it.Performer makes eye contact with the spectator and tell im exactly what four colors are in the canister and what color is sealed in the bag. He pulls the pouch out of his pocket, opens it up, and looks at the performer with utter amazement. Astonishing!

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A great Mind Reading trick!

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